By Dion Blair
Our New Zealand based Tech Services team: Andrew, Peter, Alice, Winnie and Dion

A team of geologists providing global support

Tech Services evolved from the need to offer a support capability to a team of four offering far more – case support, training, project assistance and dealing with licence renewal within their territory. In late 2011 working out of their third office since the Christchurch earthquakes, Tech Services hired their second Tech Services Rep (TSR), a third followed in January 2012, a fourth in April and a fifth in July. The New Zealand Tech Services Team farewelled its most experienced TSR, Jacob de Lacey in September 2012 so he could build the Tech Service offering in Perth. Another experienced TSR, Clare Baxter, moved to become part of the Perth team in November 2012.

We now not only have Tech Services in Christchurch and Perth but also Africa, North America, South America and Europe. Wherever our customers are they can expect the same high quality support.

The key requirement for a TSR is that they are a qualified geologist or requisite graduate, as in the case of Jacob who has a science degree. Getting help from an expert who understands what users are trying to achieve adds considerable value.

Core services

  1. Reactive support – Resolve a how do I question or identify a software bug.
  2. Proactive support – The TSR carries out a Health Check at the three and six month commercial licence tenure to enrich the user experience, including a tip and hint for better software use, or a workflow that saves time.
  3. Training – The TSRs have worked hard to develop a set of training products for the Leapfrog software suite. We know that a user properly trained in the early stages goes on to become a valuable asset to their organisation.
  4. Modelling – The TSRs are proficient Leapfrog users. Their experience has derived from data set work assisting our users and from the working relationship they have with research and development. The TSR is an important interface between customers and software development.


Training all around the globe

In just nine months Tech Services have carried out 21 separate training exercises in various parts of Australia, Philippines, Singapore and NZ for a total of 180 users, many of those trained are first time users. Effectively 20 Leapfrog users have been trained per month and this rate of training is similar throughout the globe. We use the same training products globally to ensure the experience is consistent.

The Tech Services Geo’s love getting out and staying familiar with ‘rocks’ so field trips are a regular occurrence.

At present we are building a knowledge base and will be presenting at geology conferences to grow awareness of how much value a TSR can add to the Leapfrog experience.