By Sam Bain

ioGAS software allows its users to identify geochemical relationships within assay data. With the newly released ioGAS Link, a live link between Leapfrog Geo and ioGAS, you can easily incorporate geochemical data into your geological modelling process. The geochemical relationships identified in assay data can be used to refine existing geological models and define new geological units.

This video demonstrates a workflow that allows you to share assay data from Leapfrog Geo with ioGAS. Once the live link is opened, the assay data is shared with ioGAS. The TAS plutonic diagram within ioGAS is then used to identify geochemically defined lithologies. The newly defined lithologies are transferred back to Leapfrog Geo and used to create new geological surfaces. The new geological surfaces are compared to the units identified by field logging. As you will see, there are significant differences!

While this is demonstration data, it illustrates the potential benefit in using assay data to cross-check the field logging of drillholes.

For more information on the ioGAS Link visit the Leapfrog website.