Month: November 2018

When geologists share, the mining industry benefits

When modellers collaborate, they work faster and think smarter. But getting them to share is not as easy as it sounds. The process needs to be effortless and automatic to deliver the best results, says Seequent Senior Technical Leader Julia Oliveira.

It’s hard to overstate how important collaboration is in our industry. Modelling is not a one-person game, or even a one-team game. When you try to model by yourself that only makes it harder, and that’s because geology is not a one-person truth.

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How Leapfrog upgraded geological understanding at Amaruq

Needing to understand the complex folding and faulting geology of their Amaruq project in Nunavut Canada, leading Canadian-based gold producer Agnico Eagle turned to Leapfrog. During the exploration phase that followed, the team relied on Leapfrog daily to rapidly update, view in 3D and model different geological units allowing optimised drilling in tight timeframes.

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Leapfrog Works 2.2 is out now with even more interoperability and data visualisation improvements

By their very nature engineering and environmental projects bring together multi-disciplinary teams who need to collaborate and communicate. but this is often thwarted by interoperability issues with specialist software. Experts who want to spend their time understanding and interpreting data, instead waste precious time manipulating software, their valuable skills lost on something that should actually be helping, not hindering.

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Seequent and IMDEX: An expanding technology partnership for 3D visualisation of drillhole data

Imagine using drillhole data to immediately see what’s going on underground in real-time. This is what the expanding technology partnership between Seequent and IMDEX is aiming to achieve.

As leaders in 3D geological modelling and visualisation software, Seequent are thrilled to be working with IMDEX, who are global leaders in mining equipment, technology and services (METS).

Bernie Ridgeway, Managing Director of IMDEX and Shaun Maloney, CEO of Seequent

Bernie Ridgeway, Managing Director of IMDEX and Shaun Maloney, CEO of Seequent at IMDEX headquarters in Perth.

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