Month: December 2018

The importance of 3D modelling in designing a 18 km motorway from New Zealand’s Pūhoi to Warkworth

With an estimated cost of more than NZ $700m (including maintenance over 25 years), the 18km Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway extension includes a road corridor that cuts through steep hills and valleys, and the creation of seven bridges including three viaducts. Combine this with the cutting of 7 million cubic metres of earth (and the filling of 5 million)and the challenge of soft alluvial sediments – and it’s easy to see why a project wide ground model is essential as a basis for geotechnical design, and to mitigate project risk

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Edit your surfaces in Leapfrog Geo like a pro

Using Leapfrog’s advanced surfacing editing tools, you have more freedom to shape your model and apply your geological skill and knowledge.

This blog summarises our recent advanced surface editing webinar and gives you access to the full recorded webinar.

The premise for the webinar is that with Leapfrog you use your available geological data to create a base model and then use Leapfrog’s advanced surface editing tools and your skill and knowledge to review and shape the model.

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