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3D geological mapping: From 2D GIS maps to 3D modelling

By Antonio Celis

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Traditionally, geoscientists have translated their field data collection efforts into a digital version of a geological map, which is typically built using GIS software (e.g. ArcGIS). Consequently most companies will have large archives loaded with GIS information from their projects. With more companies now choosing to collect their field data using electronic devices it ultimately results in a large repository of GIS data.

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Leapfrog Central: What does it mean for your organisation?

By Peter Joynt

In 2003, ARANZ Geo released the first version of Leapfrog. Leapfrog’s implicit modelling engine brought about a paradigm shift in the way geologists generate 3D interpretations. Organisations that have embraced this new technology have realised significant benefits by building dynamic implicit models in less time.

Now, in 2016, we are releasing Leapfrog Central, a model management system that will bring about another paradigm shift, to continuous modelling.

What is continuous modelling? Continuous modelling supports incremental changes to models as data becomes available, and because the development of the model is visible to the wider organisation, decisions can be made based on the latest data and the most current understanding.

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Modelling with the offset surface tool

By Jason McIntosh

Leapfrog has a new surface modelling tool available in the Geological modelling toolset! The offset surface tool will be available to users who have the latest version of Leapfrog Geo or Geothermal. It’s designed to enable a greater degree of flexibility when modelling complex stratified geology, particularly from heterogeneous data. The offset surface tool appropriates all the current dynamic functionality available in the existing geological modelling surface options.

So how can the new tool be used to model such deposits? Users of Geo 2.2.1 and earlier may already be familiar with the existing offset tool that was located in the meshes folder. The new tool incorporates much of the same functionality but supersedes the earlier version with improved algorithms and additional editing options. The new functionality is well suited for modelling faulted, stratified deposits.

Folded and faulted offset surface stratigraphy.

Folded and faulted offset surface stratigraphy.

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Is expensive video hardware for Leapfrog worth the cost?

By Kirk Spragg

The retail cost of video hardware is not a reliable guide to how well Leapfrog’s 3D visualisation functionality performs on that hardware. The more expensive workstation grade hardware solutions such as NVIDIA’s Quadro range of desktop cards are designed to accelerate operations that Leapfrog does not use. As a result, the 3D performance in Leapfrog is often no better than less expensive gaming and home grade video hardware.

In this post Applications Specialist Kirk Spragg compares five home and gaming grade video cards with a workstation grade Quadro 4000 by benchmarking the cards to determine their relative performance.

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Tech Services – Who we are

By Dion Blair
Our New Zealand based Tech Services team: Andrew, Peter, Alice, Winnie and Dion

A team of geologists providing global support

Tech Services evolved from the need to offer a support capability to a team of four offering far more – case support, training, project assistance and dealing with licence renewal within their territory. In late 2011 working out of their third office since the Christchurch earthquakes, Tech Services hired their second Tech Services Rep (TSR), a third followed in January 2012, a fourth in April and a fifth in July. The New Zealand Tech Services Team farewelled its most experienced TSR, Jacob de Lacey in September 2012 so he could build the Tech Service offering in Perth. Another experienced TSR, Clare Baxter, moved to become part of the Perth team in November 2012.

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Kickoff for the new Leapfrog blog

By Shaun Maloney

Shaun Maloney CEO ARANZ Geo Limited

Welcome to Leapfrog’s blog

I‘m fortunate to be asked to write the first Leapfrog blog and to set the scene for what we hope will be many thought-provoking blogs to come. No pressure then! Seriously though, we want this blog spot to open up a dialogue between anyone interested in geology and geological modelling in particular. So if that’s you, please get involved, we’re interested in what you have to say!

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