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Modifying your drillhole data: Grouping

By Sam Bain

A standard workflow in Leapfrog is building a geological model from the interval columns of imported drillholes. This workflow requires the importation of a collar locations file, a survey file with drillhole geometry, and an interval table with the observed lithological contacts. In addition, other down-hole information such as from geophysical logging or drill core assays can be imported as interval tables.

Often there will be problems with the drillhole data. Perhaps the logging in the field was inaccurate and two unique units were incorrectly lumped into one. Of course, the opposite could happen if an eager geo sub-divides a single sandstone deposit into separate poorly sorted and well sorted units. In these situations, the drillhole data needs to be edited so that a new unit is defined or existing units are combined. The “Group Lithologies” and “Split Lithologies” tools in Leapfrog allow you to create a new interval column based on edits of an existing interval column. An additional tool called “Interval Selection” has been developed that uses elements of the grouping and splitting workflows to create a new interval column. In this post we will look at the “Group Lithologies” tool.

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