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Modifying intrusion surfaces – effect of value clipping on intrusions (part 1/2)

By Lisa Swinnard

There are several ways to edit and modify an “Intrusion” surface within a GM; of them, value clipping is often overlooked. This document is part one of two and will outline the procedure for modifying intrusion surfaces by value clipping, describe the importance and relevance of volume points, and explain how the two are connected.

1. Modifying intrusion surfaces by Value Clipping

Step 1 – Create a new geological model and intrusion surface

  • Within the GM, create a new intrusion surface.
  • Edit the surface accordingly, add a trend if necessary.

Step 2  – Modify the value clipping

  • To modify the value clipping, double click the intrusion surface in the project tree.
  • In the dialogue box that appears, click on the surfacing tab and check the “Show additional surfacing options” box.

Value clipping. Dialogue box. Surfacing tab. Leapfrog 3D.

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Modifying your drillhole data: Interval Selections

By Sam Bain

The “Interval Selection” tool in Leapfrog combines most of the abilities of Grouping and Splitting (as discussed in previous blogs) with fewer restrictions. The Grouping and Splitting tools provide workflows for combining or splitting existing lithologies exclusively. The intervals selection is ideal when elements of both the grouping and splitting workflows need to be combined. For example, perhaps assay data indicates some intervals have been incorrectly logged and need to be assigned to a new lithology. If these intervals have been logged as several different lithologies then they need to be split from their old lithologies and then grouped to a single new lithology. The interval selection tool allows you to do this.

Figure 1: Right click the interval table and select the "Interval Selection" option

Figure 1: Right click the interval table and select the “Interval Selection” option

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Modifying your drillhole data: Splitting lithologies

By Sam Bain

The “Split Lithology” tool (available in Leapfrog Geo, Geothermal, and Hydro) creates a new lithology column by sub-dividing lithologies in an imported column. Often simple logging will result in repeating intervals on each drillhole and these will need to be separated for modelling purposes. As an example, perhaps three unique limestone units at different depths are encountered by exploratory drilling. These might all be logged simply as “Limestone”. In this case the splitting tool could be used to divide the “Limestone” intervals into “Upper”, “Middle”, and “Lower” units. Then each unit can be modelled separately. It is important to note that the original logged intervals are preserved, and the new splits are made in a new interval column. The modeller can correct or re-interpret the logging without altering the original field data.

This blog explains how the “Split Lithology” tool works by walking through a simple example.

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