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Take control of your geological modelling in 2018

Are you energised and excited about the projects underway in 2018? Are the tools you use for modelling helping you to achieve your goals? Are you happy to recommend them?

Recommending a solution to others is the number one proof of satisfaction. If you’re not happy to recommend your current solution, you’re not satisfied. Leapfrog’s 2017 annual survey revealed 95% of users surveyed would recommend Leapfrog to a friend or colleague.

Seriously satisfied

As you can see from the satisfaction scores below, the majority of Leapfrog users surveyed are ‘satisfied’, and a large proportion of those ‘satisfied’ users are ‘very satisfied’

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Viewing multiple images projected on topography

By Sam Bain

Leapfrog allows users to import a range of images into a project so they can be viewed on topography. These include but are not limited to topographic maps, satellite imagery, aerial photos, and geological maps.

Imported images can be viewed projected on topography by adding the topography to the scene and then selecting them from the GIS data drop-down box below the topography object in the shape list (Figure 1).

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