Shaun Maloney CEO ARANZ Geo Limited
By Shaun Maloney

Shaun Maloney CEO ARANZ Geo Limited

Welcome to Leapfrog’s blog

I‘m fortunate to be asked to write the first Leapfrog blog and to set the scene for what we hope will be many thought-provoking blogs to come. No pressure then! Seriously though, we want this blog spot to open up a dialogue between anyone interested in geology and geological modelling in particular. So if that’s you, please get involved, we’re interested in what you have to say!

As well as recounting a few Leapfrog success stories, we’ll also give you the inside on geological modelling techniques and tips, and keep you informed on juicy industry information. Plus you can expect some interesting guest blogs, so watch this space!

But now down to that first blog…

I’ve been with Leapfrog for a number of years now, first as Sales Director and more lately as CEO, which means I’m regularly out there meeting geologists. I’ve managed to clock up a few air miles over the last few years believe me! Wherever I go I’m impressed and delighted by the enthusiasm people have for Leapfrog and it’s a privilege to be able to see some of the impressive work people are accomplishing with it.

Just last month I was in South America and met with a major mining company who had been using Leapfrog for short-term mine planning. They told me they couldn’t have achieved the time lines and accuracy using any other software package.

So that’s my first blog, a success story from the field, we hope to share more of these in the future. We encourage you to share your experiences of working with Leapfrog too, please go ahead, make our day! You can email any ideas you have to the team on [email protected]

Looking forward to your comments and to chatting with you again soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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