By Andrew Cantwell

This video continues on from part 1 of building a geological model in Leapfrog.

You won’t hear any narration in this video but captions have been provided to explain the basic steps. If you’re after a more detailed description of the model building process then please contact your local support team.

We recommend you view this video in full screen mode. It may take approximately 30 seconds after you press play to switch to High Definition (given your internet connection allows it)

The main steps in this video on building a geological model include:

  • How to create a new geological model
  • Creating depositional surfaces
  • Editing a surface using a polyline
  • Activating surfaces to produce volumes
  • Creating dykes
  • Editing interval selections
  • Adjusting the chronological order of the surfaces
  • Creating intrusions

If you missed part 1 you can view the post here