Leapfrog software has always set the standard in geological modelling. This began 11 years ago when we pioneered the 3D implicit modelling approach.Implicit Modelling - an insider's guide

3D implicit modelling is now used by all the major mining companies across the globe as well as firms in the groundwater contamination and geothermal industries. It is quickly becoming the preferred method of modelling geological data and we expect this will continue into the future.

Geologists find using implicit modelling software enables quick and efficient creation of 3D models enabling them to explore multiple geological scenarios, communicate complex information and ultimately reduce risk and better inform the decision making process.

But what exactly is implicit modelling?

ARANZ Geo recently launched a website all about implicit modelling.  The aim – to create an online community where people can gain knowledge about implicit modelling as well as raise their views and opinions on related subject matters

The website is based on the book: “Unearthing 3D implicit modelling”.

Written by respected industry and subject matter experts, the website features their opinions on the technology and its future. It also includes interesting case studies written by companies that have adopted the modelling approach into their core processes.

Some interesting reads include:

We hope this website will encourage discussion, inspire learning and challenge ideas.

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