The 2015 Integra Gold Rush Challenge was a crowd-sourcing competition inviting participants to help uncover the next big gold discovery in Canada’s Val-d’Ors, Quebec. Crowdsourcing offers mining an alternative to traditional approaches as it harnesses the accumulated wisdom of a wide and diverse group of individuals.

Leapfrog was the official 3D modelling partner. With access to over six terabytes of digital mining and exploration data, it was a great opportunity to showcase our powerful FastRBF™ engine. Over 1,300 participants registered to use the free Leapfrog Gold Rush licences we provided, including all of the five finalists.


Antoine Caté from the Data Miners team, who came second says, “We were building some incredibly complex and detailed geological models, it did not crash, it was really impressive. This was particularly important as we are students and don’t have super computers.”

Fourth place Paul Pearson of Latin Global Structural Geology says. “It became obvious very early on that the Sigma-Lamaque property was sliced up by numerous faults, so the ability to be able to model numerous fault block volumes on an individual basis was very important to me.”

Continues Paul, “Because of the sheer volume of geological and drilling data in the project, and the complex geological boundaries I was trying to model, my strategy was to model on a coarse surface resolution in the beginning to understand the main essence of what was going on and then to later refine the resolution etc. In the end, the software did everything I demanded of it.”

Although the ultimate objective of the competition was to identify targets, Integra wanted competitors to demonstrate innovative approaches and challenge traditional thinking.

Continues Antoine, “We were able to produce a very, very detailed model, even where the data density was not that high. We were able to create exploration vectors, variables in space and export into machine learning. The model was backed by sound geology but we were able to use artificial intelligence that has not much been used in the exploration industry.”

We’ve spoken to the four finalists who used Leapfrog. Read all about it here.

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