Multi-commodity exploration company Sula Iron and Gold plc have used Leapfrog Geo’s movie function as a key marketing tool in the Ferensola Gold Project, Sierra Leone.

Using the movie function, Sula’s Non-Executive Technical Director, Howard Baker, has produced an impressive presentation to communicate target scale and to lift the project’s profile to the wider investment community.

“The movie has become one of our key marketing tools. Its enabled us to effectively communicate a really detailed project with fantastic impact. I can also easily update it with new data as the project progresses.”

The video enables Sula to quickly and effectively raise the profile of the project. Being able to see the project unfold as a video presentation gives instant impact and rapidly communicates scale, potential and excitement.

Visualisation is at the heart of Leapfrog and being able to easily produce movies adds real value.

Read the full case study and watch the project summary movie on Sula’s website and see for yourself how effectively it communicates key facets and engages the viewer.

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