Since May 2014 the geological team at Eramine has used Leapfrog to build and update the geology model of the Centenario-Ratones basin, Salta Province, Argentina. They use Leapfrog to generate the grids, layers and hydraulic properties to be exported into their flow modelling software MODFLOW and FEFLOW.

Walter says, “Our consultants Montgomery & Associates first introduced us to Leapfrog. We could quickly appreciate the advantages of the easy file exchange with flow modelling software. This saves considerable time and enables us to easily incorporate valuable geological data, generating a better model and reducing our exposure to risk.”

Leapfrog assists with the early identification of a deposit by modelling drilled intercepts of salt bearing rocks in 3D, and also by modelling geophysical responses of potentially salt bearing materials. Its dynamic engine allows effective addition of new geological and geophysical data.

Read the full case study.

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