Are you energised and excited about the projects underway in 2018? Are the tools you use for modelling helping you to achieve your goals? Are you happy to recommend them?

Recommending a solution to others is the number one proof of satisfaction. If you’re not happy to recommend your current solution, you’re not satisfied. Leapfrog’s 2017 annual survey revealed 95% of users surveyed would recommend Leapfrog to a friend or colleague.

Seriously satisfied

As you can see from the satisfaction scores below, the majority of Leapfrog users surveyed are ‘satisfied’, and a large proportion of those ‘satisfied’ users are ‘very satisfied’

Time to make the move?

And now to the obvious question, if you wouldn’t recommend your current software and you’re not satisfied, why do you stay with it?

Aside from the benefits you’ll gain, making the switch to Leapfrog could be a lot easier than you think. Leapfrog has such intuitive tools and well-crafted workflows you could be building models in a matter of hours. Your local Leapfrog team is also on hand to provide support and classroom training or you can go online with our webinars, videos and comprehensive Help.

Even more market-leading value

We know though that keeping our Leapfrog users happy isn’t just about a great modelling experience, it’s also about all the value-added extras that being a Leapfrog user brings. It’s about our innovation pipeline that in 2017 delivered two new products, View and Leapfrog EDGE, along with a plethora of new releases of our established solutions.

Giving you the EDGE

Leapfrog EDGE, our brand new resource estimation solution, seamlessly integrates with Leapfrog Geo and advances industry practices.

‘Leapfrog EDGE is what a modeller geologist always wanted. It simplifies steps and removes the annoying processes that deviate from the main goal of understanding the geology.” Federico Mera, Resource Geologist, Lundin Gold, Ecuador.

Online for a View

View, our new web solution, allows users to readily share their 3D vision with team members or stakeholders so they can instantly see, comprehend and interact with models using simple rotate and slice tools. No need to install software or pass large files around, View runs on any modern internet browser. Secure and free to use, there’s no limit to who you can share with.

2017 releases

These new solutions have punctuated an intense release programme that has included new versions of Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Geothermal and major advances in Central model management. At the heart of our development strategy, Leapfrog Geo’s 2017 releases add even more functionality to the impressive structural data workflow, while introducing innovative tools for data analysis. And our latest model management release, Central 1.4, further improves collaboration, from the geologist and manager, to the consultants and senior execs who rely on models for decision making.

Better modelling has its rewards, whether that’s more time to spend on analysis and interpretation or being able to quickly use and react to the latest information. Whatever your goals in 2018 make it the year you move to Leapfrog and discover how you can reduce risk and improve decision making. It’s easy to get on board and quickly experience intuitive and thoughtfully crafted modelling, unrivalled processing power, superior visualisation and rapid, dynamic updating. Forget about what you don’t like about your current solution and focus on how much there is to like about Leapfrog.

To get things underway and push on with your 2018 goals, simply contact your local Leapfrog team for a demo. It’s time to join our growing community of satisfied users and discover how Leapfrog can help you too.

Happy modelling!

**On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being very likely, 95% scored Leapfrog 7 or higher, with 62% of these scoring Leapfrog between 9-10. 

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  1. We offer directional core drilling service around the globe and we come across cutomer using Leapfrog. We use our own software Devisoft to plan and calculate directional borehole as well plan and make daughter holes to intersect orebodies. The customer then import our files into Leapfrog. We would like to offer a better service to our customer and would like to have a Leapfrog version, not necessarly a fully version. Do you have a version that just show the orebody or do you offer just full version.
    Please send me quote

  2. I have tried to contact Leapfrogteam trying procuring license for a trial and potential use with no luck so far

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