Have you ever thought about the science that goes into building a bridge? It’s not all about the engineering – it’s also about the geology.

Geology is a science, rather than an engineering discipline because it models the real world as opposed to building structures within it. By definition, geology is the study of earth’s composition and the methods we use to study it are rapidly changing.

With the global launch of our latest software, Leapfrog Works, we have released the Unearthed Report – a global briefing on the technology and innovation revolutionising the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.


The report is designed to bring you innovative thinking and industry relevant perspectives for those who have an interest in what’s going on beneath the surface. It tackles hot topics like “Digital transformation”, which have been adopted by other industries for years.

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) “State of the Nation” report on digital transformation declared not only that the industry needs to adopt new digital approaches to managing and operating existing assets and building future infrastructure, but we all needed to start thinking about more than the physical asset.

Seequent’s General Manager of Civil & Environmental, Daniel Wallace, says “Many industries have established a long-standing way of doing things, almost like an industry culture, where paper-based processes dominate how work is done. Today there are some key opportunities to break that cycle.”

There is an abundance of examples where digital transformation is helping to solve real challenges, but also saves time and money.

The Karavanke tunnel project is just one example where detailed, digital, 3D modelling can make an immeasurable difference to how the project runs, and its eventual outcome.

“The opportunity with the new Karavanke tunnel is to ensure costly oversights are avoided by transforming engineering geology, geotechnics and tunnelling, using 3D modelling in this design phase of the project,” Wallace says.

Our industry is designing and building more complex projects, in more remote locations than ever before. The idea for the Channel Tunnel was proposed as early as 1802, but it took nearly 200 years for the idea to become a reality. We now have digital solutions literally at our fingertips, to enable innovative feats of civil engineering to become a reality in a faster, cheaper, and safer fashion.

“We truly believe Leapfrog Works can revolutionise the Civil Engineering and Environmental industry, because it’s a solution which has been built in conjunction with key industry experts. It’s taken us longer to get to market that way – but we’re confident it’s what the industry wants, and needs,” says Wallace.

Download the full Unearthed Report. 

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