The Bozshakol mine, operated by KAZ Minerals in northern Kazakhstan was the largest greenfield development project in Kazakhstan when under construction and is among the largest newly developed copper deposits in the world. It will process around 30 million tonnes of copper per year.

In pursuit of their large scale, low cost goal KAZ Minerals are implementing the most modern technology to ensure the level of automation and efficiency is high.

Leapfrog is allowing us to produce geological models in a fraction of the time (about a week at most). Without Leapfrog I’d estimate to produce just the geological model would take about four months.” Ashley Brown, Head Resource Definition, KAZ Minerals

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Since April 2016 Leapfrog Geo has been used to extensively at Bozshakol to produce the structural model, the geological model, two concentric grade domains and the oxidation model. Leapfrog Geo is now entrenched at KAZ Minerals as a modelling and time-saving software package.

“A particular advantage of Leapfrog Geo is the ability of the model to dynamically update with the input of additional drillholes. One simply has to check that this dynamic update makes geological sense and if not add some structural information or trends to ensure that it does. This proves to be a huge time-saver.” Ashley Brown, Head Resource Definition, KAZ Minerals

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Bozshakol Central and East pits showing the 0.2% CuEq wireframe targeted by the LOM (ultimate pit).

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