Model of ore zone and faults created in Leapfrog Geo with EDGE
Model of ore zone and faults created in Leapfrog Geo with EDGE

In a study carried out by leading precious metals mining group Polymetal International plc, new resource estimation solution, Leapfrog EDGE, was proven to achieve the same results as Datamine. The study also revealed many distinct advantages with Leapfrog EDGE, which applies the highly dynamic, intuitive and visual Leapfrog 3D capabilities to resource modelling. Leapfrog EDGE includes all of the industry standard tools you need most, for estimating, domaining, geostatistical evaluation and reporting.

Combining the power of Leapfrog Geo with a fully integrated estimation workflow means the practitioner can give stronger emphasis to providing a robust geological model to underpin the estimate. Natalia Utkina, Senior Geologist of Polymetal’s Exploration Department – Mineral Resources Management, who carried out the comparison, remarked, “Leapfrog EDGE’s distinctive features are enhanced geological interpretation capabilities and the connection with the Leapfrog structural model. Leapfrog EDGE stands out from other similar products with its excellent visualisation at all stages of deposit modelling. The crucial point is that this visualisation helped me to carry out many operations more meaningfully.”

Leapfrog EDGE creates a fully integrated workflow between the geological model and the resource model, allowing users to stay in the highly visual and dynamic Leapfrog environment. Estimates are built from the Leapfrog model, avoiding data corruption and error. A key feature of this integration is ‘dynamic updating’, where users can add data or revise their interpretations at any stage in the workflow and these changes will automatically flow downstream and update.

As management need to test risk in a project or estimate and single static models for the life of mine are increasingly no longer good enough, Leapfrog EDGE offers the perfect solution. Polymetal has used geological modelling solution, Leapfrog Geo, since 2015, benefiting from Geo’s advanced dynamic modelling features. Leapfrog EDGE offers the opportunity to bring dynamic updating to resource estimation, allowing practitioners to perform multiple realisations of an estimate in a relatively short time frame compared to other software.

Natalia concludes, “I can say that I found Leapfrog EDGE to be really convenient, easy for a resource practitioner to learn and a reliable estimation tool. Leapfrog EDGE will undoubtedly solve various problems facing geologists at different stages of geological exploration.”

Read the full case study and examine the comparison results tables here.

Want to learn more about Leapfrog Edge? Watch the demonstration video here. 

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