Needing to understand the complex folding and faulting geology of their Amaruq project in Nunavut Canada, leading Canadian-based gold producer Agnico Eagle turned to Leapfrog. During the exploration phase that followed, the team relied on Leapfrog daily to rapidly update, view in 3D and model different geological units allowing optimised drilling in tight timeframes.

Leapfrog Amaruq image

Marjorie Simard, Senior Geologist 3D Modelling, comments, “We initially chose Leapfrog because it was easy to use and allowed us to readily display data from a complex dataset. But being able to update Leapfrog regularly with new information was critical to improve our understanding and to help the team plan and optimise the drilling that ultimately led to the discovery.”

With several deformation episodes and numerous folds and faults, understanding the geological context had proven difficult in other software. Agnico Eagle struggled to make interpretations on 2D cross-sections as the geological units were not always perpendicular to the cross sections. Marjorie says, “With Leapfrog our model was much more geologically realistic and smoother. As it was in 3D we could alter the view slightly to see alignment that would be impossible to view in 2D.”

You can read the full Agnico Eagle Case Study here.

To see Leapfrog Geo in action, watch this 15 minute demonstration.

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