Global mid-tier gold and base metal producer, Eldorado Gold, has introduced Seequent’s Central model management solution to its operations in Europe and the Americas. Central provides a repository for all Leapfrog Geo models and allows project stakeholders to connect, confer and analyse the most up to date models, enabling time critical decisions and global collaboration.

Sean McKinley, Senior Geologist, Eldorado Gold, comments, “In the past we weren’t able to see what had been modelled at our mine sites in between visits. The files were just too big to send and our systems couldn’t support the real-time sharing of big data. Now with Central we just log in and in a matter of minutes we know what data’s been used and what the shapes look like. Having current model revisions available immediately to all key project personnel allows for quick identification of potential errors or problems.”

Kisladag Mine, Turkey

Eldorado has been using Leapfrog Geo since 2014 after benefiting from Leapfrog’s dynamic updating feature to accurately and regularly incorporate the dense datasets inherent at underground mines. Central is a platform for organisations to analyse, track and manage all geoscience data in one place. This single source of truth means that head offices and other project stakeholders can easily check in with mine sites, assist with modelling and collaborate on their development.

Eldorado is also currently reviewing Seequent’s resource estimation solution, Leapfrog Edge, and have completed a comparison with their existing solution.

“With the Leapfrog Geo and Edge integration, if we make changes to a 3D shape, it is regenerated within the application. In 15 – 20 minutes of processing time we can have an updated resource estimation. We can also see how an estimate has changed over time and go back to another version if we prefer that; it’s easier to track and maintain.” Sean explains that the resources are ultimately calculated the same way behind the scenes of the software, “it’s just that with Seequent we’re able to do it all within one system.”

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Examining drillcore at Bolcana Mine, Romania

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