Typically, static brine resources in Australia and North and South America have been completed by experienced resource geologists. Due to a number of changes in global brine reporting guidelines, hydrogeological experience is becoming more relevant, causing many hydrogeologists to step up and learn these skills.

When Advisian’s Principal Hydrogeologist, Adam Lloyd, needed an easy to use and visual solution for estimating potash brine resources in Western Australia, he looked to resource estimation solution, Leapfrog Edge.

“The ease of use and Edge’s data presentation functions allowed me to learn the skills needed to develop and communicate the resource estimate with relative ease,” says Adam.

Adam continues, “Leapfrog Edge has been really useful in presenting QA/QC data and plots for reporting, it has saved time and has enabled me to use technology to best effect. It’s also helped [me] a hydrogeologist, who hadn’t completed a complex resource estimate before to get some credibility in resource estimating.”

The work has been supervised by Competent Persons from K-Utech, a German consultancy specialising in salt mining and processing.

You can read the full case study here

Long section at Ten Mile Lake of the block model showing the high grade zone in the down hydraulic gradient direction away from the lake.