Every year, extensive resources are poured into gathering useful data to create a reliable geological model. Delays in moving that data from point-of-collection to interpretation often results in decisions being made with an inaccurate and out-of-date understanding of the project. Accurate drill hole logging is also essential for generating resource estimation models, which determines the thickness, grade and resource reserves of the orebodies. These models ultimately feed into the economic analysis used for mine planning and scheduling, meaning logging errors for a single hole can have profound impacts on the overall mine.

Glencore’s George Fisher Mine (GFM) wanted to ensure that decisions were being made on a timely basis and with accurate data, with an aim to create an automated and fast workflow from data collection through to 3D interpretation and modelling. To address these issues, they deployed Minalyze’s Minalyzer CS drill core scanner and Seequent’s Leapfrog Geo modelling software.

Introducing the Minalyzer CS has meant logging time has decreased by up to 50%, by providing a rapid and objective high-resolution geochemical reference to guide the logging. The incorporation of this highly detailed analytical data in Leapfrog Geo results in improved domaining through better selection of the economic portions of the orebody. Pairing the Minalyze workflow with Leapfrog Geo allows for models to update within hours as opposed to standard processes, where results may not be available for weeks or months. The immediacy of data interpretation by geologists and the subsequent use by blast engineers and mine planners results in better decisions being made faster, increasing efficiency of resource utilisation.

“Wire framing complex orebodies with multiple domains will always have problematic areas and errors in logging. Checking and editing lithologies and domains quickly, by viewing geological models alongside high resolution core photos and assays, improves this.”

Nick Spanswick, Superintendent Mineral Resources at Glencore’s George Fisher Mine

You can read the full case study here.

Want to know more about Leapfrog Geo? Watch the demonstration video here.

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