What’s the purpose of our blog

We’ve got lots to say about geology and of course our favourite topic is geological modelling, so you’ll read lots about that from us. What we’d like to do is share useful info about what we’re up to, geological modelling techniques and tips, keep you up-to-date with industry information and much more.

Of course the blog is as much about you as us. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about posts from our bloggers. Your comments turn these posts into real conversations, helping make the blog all the better for it. You can also email any ideas you have to the team on [email protected].


If you submit a comment we’ll review it and if it doesn’t break our commenting guidelines, it will be posted.

To ensure the blog is an enjoyable experience for all we’ve put together some guidelines for submitting comments.

A few simple commenting guidelines

The easiest thing to remember is simply to treat others how you’d expect to be treated.

  • Keep your comment relevant to the conversation you’re participating in and avoid going off topic.
  • Lively debate is encouraged but if you have a difference of opinion keep your feedback constructive and be courteous.
  • Please don’t engage in personal attacks on anyone. Using inappropriate language, making threats or any kind of hate remarks won’t be tolerated.
  • Please don’t spam us as it will be removed anyway.
  • Avoid typing sentences in CAPITAL letters as it implies shouting.

We look forward to chatting to you soon…

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